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Smart energy EMS

Smart Signage

Smart Signage

Real-time monitoring of system status through wifi/4G modules, early warning precautions, support local system information preview, Web cloud access and mobile APP cloud monitoring.

Electricity <br> Usage Strategy

Usage Strategy

Support the cloud to configure a variety of power strategies, energys cheduling, peak filling valley, during peak load to relieve grid pressure, reduce grid operating costs, improve economic efficiency.

Automatic <br>  Settlement


Powerful back-office management statistics can be used to report statistics on the respective energys torage sys tems (indus trial and commercial / containerenergy storage systems), support a variety of statistical modes and download functions.

Account <br>Management


Supportmany types of account management function and rights allocation function, main account assigned multiple types of management account, distributor, operator, user side of the type of account, permission classification with settings options and view-only options, etc.

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